1. F

    Crowdfunded prebuilt SFF Gaming PC (custom case)

    Hi guys, I have a cool project going on but I have some doubts about it succeeding. Basically I want to crowdfund a prebuilt high-end SFF Gaming PC. All components are standard aside from the PSU which is not available to retail customers. The reason I want to resell it as a complete built is...
  2. E

    Motherboard Potential interest: GIGABYTE 8th gen Thin ITX with PCIe slot spotted in a (pricy) prebuilt

    Thin ITX has interested me although its pretty much impossible to get one with modern specs: namely an 8th gen Intel CPU (i would totally be down for AM4 but that's even less of a thing). There is one board that you could buy right now: The ASUS PRIME H310T. This is probably good enough, but it...
  3. jtd871

    News [AT] Digital Storm announces Project Spark WC STX prebuilt w/MXM
  4. jtd871

    Anandtech [AT] 6L Cylinder-shaped pre-built ArtPCs from Samsung