power connections

  1. Shaytanya

    Discussion Dan A4 - power issue

    Hi team About 18 months ago, I built my second build in a Dan A4. Last week, it appears that there is no power getting to the Mobo (asus z490 i gaming) as the RGB isn’t lighting up and the pc isn’t turning on. I have checked the power cable and also the cable going into the PSU and am...
  2. Godalor

    Need Advice on Mixing Power Connectors to a GPU

    Hello friends of the SFF. I got a plan to build a System in the Velka 3 Case with the Flex ATX PSU SilverStone SST FX350-G, which only has a 6-pin PCIe power cable for a GPU. Now I wanted to put a Ryzen 5 1600 inside (because it's quite cheap at MicroCenter) and this GTX 1660, I've already...