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    [SFFTEC] Jonsbo A4: Premium tower-style SFF PC case

    Specifications: Version: 1.1 Dimension: 169mm(W)*273mm(H)*340mm(D) Material: Top plate 3mm aluminum magnesium alloy Front/back/bottom plate 2mm aluminum magnesium alloy Hardware 1.5mm all black steel plate Side plate 3mm all tempered glass Motherboard: ITX Drive Bay: 2*2.5 + 1*3.5 System Fan...
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    Enclosure I'm in the need of help finding a PC case

    I want to build an unorthodox PC and need help finding the parts and help to improve the form factor if at all possible.the parts I'm looking for are a gtx 1050ti battle flag, a Pentium g5600, a flex atx psu and mini itx motherboard and a case that will fit all of though's thing perfectly. any...
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    NFC S4 Mini 3D Printed

    So the NFC S4 Mini is $200 and not even available. Because of the price tag I was deterred and wanted to look elsewhere. And then an idea came to my mind as my school have a fairly big 3d printer. I thought maybe I could make a 3d cad file of the S4 mini or the S3 mini. I may not do it but I...