1. N

    Hardest Build Yet - Sliger SM580 / Dual 2080Ti SLI / 3950x / Custom Loop

    Hi everyone! While this is my first post on this forum, I've been challenging myself to create smaller and smaller builds for the past few years. When Sliger launched their new SM580 a few months ago, one thought immediately sprung into my head... "Would it be possible to squeeze in two...
  2. philHolland

    Advice - Dual GPU NVlink Build

    Hello all, I'm about to embark on a compact build that requires 2X Nvidia GPUs next to each other in NVlink configuration. Due to the complexity of the NVlink bridge I can't place the GPUs vertically stacked, at least not easily. I'm looking for two case suggestions as I'm mulling over...
  3. DiamondATX

    Concept PROTOCASE - 15.37L ATX - 8 PCIe slots (NV-Link friendly)

    UPDATE for 01/01/19 See Post 11... for revision details. I will try to keep one picture of the latest revision at the very top of this post. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Hello, this is my first...