noctua nh u9s

  1. Nord1ing

    Closed Ncase M1 V5 in Europe

    Moving to a new case, I sell my Ncase M1 V5 in nice condition, with no scratches on panels, for 190 euros. In addition, I can include some other stuffs for Ncase: -Top hat (for 2x 120x15mm fans) (25euros) -3x 120x15 NF Noctua fans (15 euros per fan) -1x 92x15mm Noctua Fan (15 euros) -1x NH-U9S...
  2. nyllo

    NCASE M1 (i9-7940X X299 + Zotac GTX1080i Mini) Build

    I'm a videographer, so I work with 4K/UHD footage, need real-time playback, colour grade, design 3D graphics, and have most of the Adobe CC suite open at once. I need to build a new PC, ideally as small as possible (so I can carry it in a backpack) whilst also being quiet-ish at high...
  3. X

    .SKP Noctua NH-U9S 2017-03-29

    Recreated using official site + screenshots. Most things should be within 1mm. Heatpipes aren't super accurate.