motherboard tray

  1. eiselx86

    .STEP ITX kit v1.337 rev2 by NATi v1.0

    Hello SFF community! Here's a model of NATi's itx kit that I've made. Link to his vendor thread. Modeled with caliper and dimensions of the model may vary by +/- 0.25-0.50 mm but it should be quite accurate. If you find anything wrong or have questions please PM me, I'll continually update the...
  2. blackstar2e

    Motherboard tray for vertical GPU

    Hey there, im looking for a motherboard tray where the GPU mounting is in vertical direction. something like in the LIAN LI PC-O6 But i just need the tray because im planning to build the PC under my desk and it should be as thin as possible and i...