1. W

    PCI-E bifurcation on AM4 Mini-ITX mobo?

    Hello! First-time poster. I searched around a bit and only found info around a year old. Curious if anyone can help with my situation: Does anyone know of a motherboard which is Mini-ITX form factor, AM4 socket, and supports PCI-E Bifurcation? I believe I need 4x4x4x4 Bifurcation to support...
  2. owliwar

    Completed Owliwar - Case Studies

    Hi everyone! I study Product Design at college and case design is one of my passions. I plan on pursuing this passion on my final project to graduate. I'll use this thread to post my projects, some of which may never be finished, some renderings, sketches and an ongoing main project. I have...
  3. Aibohphobia

    Component Space Requirements

    The following is an excerpt from @Necere 's post detailing the different considerations for the NCASE microATX case project thread on HardForum. It's specific to designing a mATX case but much of the information is useful for anyone designing a SFF case. To start off, this is a rundown of the...