max airflow

  1. hrh_ginsterbusch

    Shiny Snake S400 - Customized for AIO / Liquid Cooling

    This is more of a work log than anything, but I'm preparing a case modification of the Shiny Snake S400 (in white), a 10.8L ITX case mostly meant for air cooling. In theory, one would be able to install a 120 mm AIO / radiator as well, but only with a very short GPU. I'd call it the cheaper...
  2. dieaready

    Prototype Updraft - 16.8L vertical chimney for large air coolers

    I'm relatively new to the SFF world and I've not been able to find a case to my preference so I decided to design my own. I prefer air coolers and am fairly obsessed with efficiency, so my focus is on a case that would fit the biggest air coolers with no thermal recirculation, especially between...

    Production RCC-BIG2 | vertical small footprint BTO case | support for 280mm AIOs or tall air coolers

    RCC-BIG2 is a simple and customizable BTO (build-to-order) case with traditional layout (no riser cable required). Features of the case: vertical or horizontal orientation traditional layout, no riser cable flexible size / volume different vent hole designs to fit your taste W x D x H can be...