heat sink

  1. petricor

    .STEP S4M Heatsink Bezel 1.0 2019-03-06

    ...the title says it all: A ready-to-machine part, tried and tested, providing heat sink capacity at the S4M's front face as used in this build: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/brickless-s4m-w-gtx1080-and-i8700k-dual-psu.7519
  2. XCreator

    Concept Sun Cool 150W TDP slim heatsink

    Update 8-May-2018 Design change Estimate performance will be same water cooler if equip with 92mm x 25mm fan or bigger. Hi guy, I'm assistant from XCreator, established by Mr Rolexus, he now focus in design and other jobs, I'm in charge in media. This Sun Cool is a full copper heat sink TPD...