Production GxR-ONE ATX PLUGIN PSU / a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY power solution / RTX3080 ready

    G-UNIQUE and REVOCCASES have teamed up to bring you a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY power solution for your SFF build. GxR-ONE - a 600W DC-ATX PLUGIN PSU Limited quantity now on stock! Technical Data: Input: 12VDC (11.8VDC~12.3VDC) max 50A PCBA overall dimensions (mm): 38H x 55W x 14D...
  2. BrotherStein

    Closed G-Unique Archdaemon Limited Ed. 450W Ultimate Brick BRAND NEW

    Selling a brand new/never used 12 pin G-Unique Archdaemon Limited Edition. The build I was going to use this for fell through, so I'm not needing it anymore. See info below! Wire lengths: (All black wires; see pictures below) CPU 4+4 - 20 cm SATA (1) - 35 cm 12 pin DC - 30 cm 2 PCI-e - 50 cm...