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  1. MarcParis

    Log Sliger SM550 - Compact & Quiet Gaming HTPC

    Hi all, As some of you already know, I decided to move to Sliger SM550 on my gaming HTPC. In order to build this gaming HTPC I mostly recycled my former components coming from my previous main gaming RIG. Here is the list : CPU : Intel Core i7 4770K (not delidded, undervolt 0.95v, 3.7Ghz all...
  2. zarch

    New to PC building, and finding traditionally sized PCs are. . .antiquated.

    Hello all, Years ago (2005ish?), I bought my first desktop from cyberpowerpc. I had a friend update it in '09. Now, I'm looking at doing my first build myself. The technology has changed. I am more confident in my abilities, and there seems to be a much larger presence online for help. As I...