1. izlomdoc

    Vercold project(watercooled lowtemp slim mini-itx system)

    Hello everyone! I want to show my watercooled build. This PC based on a custom case "observer slim" by Kviker and external radiator mo-ra3 360LT, which is placed in the loggia. Current desktop look. PC parts: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 MB: Asus rog strix x370-i gaming GPU: Sapphire Radeon r9 nano...
  2. Bambam625

    Looking for case advice for this gpu

    Hey guys, Im building a pc for my girlfriend. so far ive managed to get a r9 fury, and an e3 1270 v1. Got excellent deals on both. And the passmark scores for the e3 1270 v1 seemed acceptable to gaming. Nothing in this rig will be overclocked. Anywho, I havent bought the motherboard yet...