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fractal design node 202

  1. Crossfire Machines

    Enclosure ITX / SFF Case Contest #1 - Fractal Design Node 202 Review

    This time the Node 202 from Fractal Design had to assert itself in my tests. The case can be mounted horizontally or vertically with the included stand, these tests were conducted in the standing position. I'll explain disadvantages this might have for some GPUs later. In contrast to many other...
  2. K

    Node 202 - Ryzen 2700x running hot

    My CPU at stock settings runs at 85C when gaming, resulting me in undervolting the CPU to keep temperatures down. Parts list: * Case: Fractal Design Node 202 * CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GHz 8-Core Processor * CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9a * MOBO: ASRock - B450 Gaming-ITX/AC Mini ITX AM4 * RAM...
  3. H

    Closed AUS | Node 202 & Fans

    Hey All, I've gone to an NCase M1 and so have no need for the Node 202 I started off in. Location; Sydney, Australia I can post Aus wide at your expense otherwise I am okay with a pickup, just PM me and we can work out a time/location. Condition; Fair. I had it mounted in a custom made...
  4. S

    Help needed regarding my first SFF

    Hi all, this is my first post here after having been following this forum for a while. I'm fairly comfortable with building a PC, but this is my first time for an SFF. I'd like a PC to replace what I made 6 years ago, that I can carry in a backpack between my house and my GF's, and there are...