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  1. Shaytanya

    Discussion Dan A4 - power issue

    Hi team About 18 months ago, I built my second build in a Dan A4. Last week, it appears that there is no power getting to the Mobo (asus z490 i gaming) as the RGB isn’t lighting up and the pc isn’t turning on. I have checked the power cable and also the cable going into the PSU and am...
  2. W

    Closed A4-SFX v4, RTX 2080 Ti FE, CORSAIR SF750, Ballistix Sport LT 3200, 32GB (16GBx2), 500 GB + 2 TB

    Hi All, I have for sale an occasionally used A4-SFX v4 build that has been in storage. It has been carefully built with off the shelf parts that are listed below. The SSDs will be wiped upon sale. Everything works, operated in non-smoking & clean environment, not used for crypto mining. It...
  3. Shaytanya

    Log internal monitor query - Dan A4.1 (+ a random 3080 FE question) - 2077 build

    Hi Team I have managed to mod the Dan A4.1 to fit a 5" internal monitor/display at the front (and it actually works). I am now wondering if anyones of any software that allows me to create a custom zoom for that display only (I do not want to change the zoom level for my main monitor), but the...
  4. S

    Advice for watercooling with a 120mm radiator inside a DAN A4-SFX case

    Hy everyone, i was planning to build a sff "workstation" for over 2 years now, and i recently had a job change and so i need a decent workhorse for my home office now. When i saw that the DAN A4 is available i bought one right away. Now i´m thinking about which hardware i should cram inside...
  5. H

    Is 1 case fan enough? And if so intake or exhaust?

    Hi all, Wow, I didn't realise there is a thread dedicated to the Dan case on this forum. I think the title says it all, but of course before we get into it let's talk about what hardwares I want to use: So i made a post before in the build thread asking for advice on parts to buy, so I took...
  6. FaKe_VirTual

    Which Fans will fit underneath the Motherboard in a DAN A4?

    I would like to ask if anyone can tell me which fans will fit underneath the Motherboard, because I don`t know if the noctua NF-A9 will fit. Thanks for every respond.
  7. A

    Dan A4-SFX V4 3900X Asetek 645LT Workstation

    Hi! First of all, I want to present myself as I'm new in the forum despite being around since the DAN A4 was presented here. I'm a designer and engineer, and I've designed a few cases but never gone into production due to the difficulties and cost, the thing is that I use my main computer as a...
  8. K

    Cooling Asetek 645LT and Dan case A4 V3 compatibility

    Hello community, This is my first post in the forum. I have a Dan case a4 sfx v3 purchased quite long time ago. Recently I started planning for a new build since the ryzen 3000 series came out. Now I'm deciding the cooling solution for it. I noticed that the Asetek 645LT is available on the ssf...
  9. Arc_Lag

    Need some help regarding a DAN A4- r3

    First off, Hi everyone! I've been lurking alot on the forums, checking threads taking in all sorts of info and it sure is a blast! This time however, I'm in need of some help :( You see, some time ago. I was cleaning my room when something very frustrating happened. (I'm dying inside...
  10. A

    Better cooling solution with Dan Case? (unusual way...)

    Dear good SFF people, I have an unusual question about a possible GPU setup. I'd like to know if it's even possible to link Dan case build connecting with Razer egpu. It sounds like totally defeat the purpose for small factor but was wondering any possibilities. I'm about to build a pc with...
  11. adamik17

    Cooling Z390 phantom gaming-itx and Black Ridge

    Hi! I don't know where to post this question. I want to find out if the ASRock Z390 Phantom gaming-itx has any cleareance issues with the Alpenföhn Black Ridge. I will be using Corsair Vengeance LPX memory. If anyone here knows the answer, please respond. Thank you in advance! owo
  12. adamik17

    Noctua NH-L 12S in dan a4 sfx v4?

    https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1581/0749/products/DAN-Cases-005_960x.png?v=1544591353 on this picture from sff lab the dan a4 is shown with a noctua nh-l 12s cooler. on the dan website there is no information about it being compatible with it. So is it?
  13. M

    Dan A4 SFX thermal imaging

    Hi team, Just sharing a few pics I took yesterday. Config: Dan A4 SFX v3, i7-8700, Noctua L9i (with fan duct), MSI 1060 6GT. Before snapping I let Prime95 and Furmark generate heat for 30 minutes with the case closed. The CPU long term power limit was set to 65W. The components temperature...