1. August

    Closed [US-OR] [H] Streacom DA2 + Accessories [W] Local Cash, LEGO

    Sold! Timestamps + Photos! Had this for a couple years, and used for the custom loop in my signature. Moved on to the NR200 briefly, and then the Winter One—no need to keep this in our attic when it could be put to good use by someone in the community! Includes two extra sets of brackets...
  2. August

    Streacom DA2 Sleeper: Triple 240mm Radiator Custom Loop

    Already cross-posted on r/sffpc and in Discord, but figured I'd share here, as well. Thanks to everyone for your help in addressing a number of uncertainties with my first SFF build and first water cooling project. ? Y'all are infinitely patient and helpful. Have a look: Relieved this is...