1. EdZ

    News Thermaltake Engine 27 (production Coolchip kinetic cooler)

    Thermaltake have finally announced the production heatsink to come out of their collaboration with Coolchip. Unfortunately it's only rated for 70W TDP at 13-25 dBA, which doesn't compare favourably with the NH-L9i (95W, 23.6dB) unless you really need those extra 10mm (27mm height vs. 37mm with...
  2. Phuncz

    News Jonsbo/Cooltek RM3 and UMX4

    A few people have modded a Jonsbo case because of lacking airflow and cooling potential, but the company has responded in kind with these larger models: UMX4 - ATX form factor Dimensions: 204mm (W) * 426mm (D) * 437mm (H) (38L volume) Material: Body: 2.0mm Aluminum Magnesium Alloy...