1. C

    Enclosure I want this beautifully crafted case. Anyone make anything on par or do similar custom CNC?

    Just need to get over the color, but other than that this is a case that I really want (a black one would simply be amazing): It's neat that the perforated and tempered glass panels are interchangeable front and back for ideal ventilation...
  2. morj

    Stalled Walrus mk01: a 3D-printed brickless 5.0~5.5L fully watercooled case

    Hi, everyone! First off, I want to thank this community for the inspiration and lots of golden threads with food for thought. Lurking since my first proper SFF build in January (images in my profile), but this summer decided to push further with a custom case. Current project status summary...
  3. rosinbole

    B L A C K B I R D

    Scratch built case specifications: 7.23L excluding raised sidepanels 8.97L including raised sidepanels 100% anodized CNC milled aluminum structure - main structure will be entirely 12mm panels - inside structure will be 3mm panels 2x 4mm thick tinted tempered glass panels Entirely assembled...