1. M

    InWin Chopin - CPU cooler mod

    Just wanted to show some pictures of my modded InWin Chopin with Noctua NH-L12 Ghost S1 Edition cpu cooler. It's still work in progress - working on integrating a slimline Bluray drive.
  2. goose1969x

    Pneuma: An InWin Chopin Brickless 1060 Build

    This has been a project of mine for the past 8 months waiting for different parts, test fitting a million times and modding a lot of things. It is not complete as I am going to make a mounting bracket for the GPU fan and run the cable inside to a header on the mobo; however, today marks a very...
  3. Phuncz

    A GPU stuffed inside a Chopin

    Because I was bored. So this was my Sunday afternoon: Radeon RX 460 with a PCIe extender, working on a Ubuntu Live setup. Time to proceed. Cut in the frame to route the PCIe extender through. This isn't the ideal route for a short extender, that's marked with the pencil line but it goes...
  4. goose1969x

    Zotac GTX 1060 in Inwin Chopin Mod Project

    Hi Community, First post here, as well as first SFF Modding project. I recently snagged an Inwin Chopin and was looking to do an APU build. I got curious this morning about the Zotac 1060 Mini I had laying around and decided to see if I could fit it in the back side of the case. My thinking...
  5. TheHig

    Closed [US] Cheaper Chopin? Inwin BQ656 120w [$70 shipped]

    I have an Inwin B series case that was to be used for a 2200G build but it has been sitting for too long! Case is in good condition and has a Win10 COA on it which I have never activated. Includes a 128gb SSD with Win10 (matching COA) already installed but again has not hit the net so toss a...
  6. L

    Chopin build questions

    Starting this thread for everyone to have a place to ask questions regarding Chopin builds. And I would like to start things off with a few myself. (My case came in the mail a few days back, really excited.) So, I am aware that rear mounted M.2 sticks are having overheating issues with this...
  7. U

    Ryzen APU in an InWin Chopin questions

    (AU and NZ based) So I'm building a Ryzen APU mini-ITX pc out of an InWin Chopin when the APUs release in March. I've never built mini-ITX before and I'm really excited to undervolt/overclock an APU with both Ryzen and Vega architectures to get within the 150w power limit the Chopin comes with...