case mods

  1. S

    Fractal Design Pop Mini Silent case questions

    I love how this case looks, and I like how I can add an ODD to it without blocking a radiator. My only complaint is that there is an ugly tag that is attached to the bottom right of the case. Is it made of fabric, metal, or plastic? is there any way to remove it? I understand that it makes it...
  2. J

    Part Corsair Strip Lighting

    I'm working on a itx build and installing Corsair RAM, AIO, PSU, & strip lighting. On the Amazon website the AIO (H100i Elite) shows it comes with a Commander Core XT with a RGB 3 pin connection at one end for strip lighting. What you get included in the box is the Commander Core (not XT) & it...
  3. Analogue Blacksheep

    Morex 2799 Sleeper Build log - 5.4L (ADVICE/CRITIQUE NEEDED!)

    So on an impluse I bought the last Morex 2799 from Ebay. It's not here yet, but when it does I will take photos to document it. And yes, there will be a Blu-Ray burner in it. In the meantime I need some advice on how to make sense of the case. As you can see there is a distinct lack of vents...
  4. phunguss

    Half-Height 5.25" Floppy Drive computer

    Half-Height Floppy computer Concept Build a full working computer with slot-load optical drive inside a half-height 5.25 Floppy Drive (everything a laptop has except KB, trackpad, and screen). I have an old Apple MacBook A1181 with a broken screen. Its been laying around for years, waiting...
  5. JHesselgrave

    Custom Basement in the Phanteks Evolv Shift?

    I'm going off to college, and I'm going to need a smaller case then the Define S. So I'm planning on building in the evolv shift. I want to put a full custom hardline loop into it, as of right now my plan is to mod a basement around the bottom portion (PSU area) to put the pump, radiators, etc...
  6. darajman

    Motherboard ITX motherboard hole pattern

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a diagram showing dimensions of an ITX motherboard's screw hole pattern? I'm designing a case. If there's already a thread with this, link please?
  7. dunecase

    MacPro (Late 2013) mini-ITX case mod

    Hi guys.. I thought I should share what I worked on for a year. I went through 4 different versions and after nearly a year I got it right. Thermals, cable management, custom front panel with custom PCB for power on/off button, custom connectors to the motherboard and GPU. I also worked very...