1. K

    Closed Ncase M1 V5

    I have been waiting for a V6 for some time now, and it seems like it isn't going to be ready till September, (Necere said late July early August at best) I want to build my PC 7/7 with a new 3900x, and am not looking to have my pc parts sitting on the table for another 2 months.. I would like...
  2. Derminick

    Buying [USA-IN] [H] PayPal. Buying Skyreach S4M and S4C.

    Hello gang, Just bought an S4MC off r/hardwareswap. Still looking to buy the Skyreach S4M. Please Let Know
  3. fabio

    Buying LOUQE Ghost (EU Countries)

    If someone would like to sell one, please, contact me! I will take it! :cool: (Payment through PayPal)
  4. M

    Buying Dr. Zaber Sentry

    AS the title states. Colour doesn't matter. I live in Sweden, so I will of course also pay for eventual transport fees. /David
  5. A

    Buying Knock-off cases

    i'm trying to use chinese sites to buy some cases to review. they're going for less than half the price of their doppelgangers. i was wondering if anyone here has had any luck or if anyone knows how to actually log in and make an account. i can't seem to make one.