1. ondert

    GPU Doing Single Slot 1050, 1050TI Easily

    Hello guys, I've found an article about doing your own single slot 1050Ti graphics card. Do you remember Evga's GT740 before? Its heatsink just fits on to the Zotac's model. In the end, it's a bit toasty than the regular one but for me it's OK. Here it is...
  2. D

    Other Powered pcie riser cable for unpowered graphicscards

    TL;DR: This riser good. Use if card no haz extra power. This thread is about powered riser cables for graphicscards that have no auxiliary power connector, pulling the full 75W from the PCI slot. The PCIE standard does not specify that 75W can be delivered safely through a riser cable. I.e...
  3. winterfart1

    Small and Low profile 10 series GPU comparison

    Haven't see any reviews for the low profile cards yet. But i did come across this and thought that it was worth sharing. Also, does anybody have their hands on the MSI 1050ti Low profile GPU already?