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Read this before uploading!

Only upload files that were created by you, or you have permission to share. In that case, make sure the author is credited. Files are not to be used for commercial purposes, without the authors approval. SFF Network is not responsible for quality, accuracy, or other factors with any file, and reserves the right to remove any files deemed inappropriate or otherwise damaging to SFF Network's image.

At no point does SFF Network take ownership for the files, but we reserve the right to use imagery or content for promotional purposes. However we will endeavour to contact authors before doing so.

We will comply with any copyright or other takedown requests. Do not upload infringing content, and any breaches may result in upload privileges being removed.

A few guidelines for uploading 3D models:
  1. Try to model accurately. The goal is to provide 3D models of computer components to help people design cases, plan mods, etc. We reserve the right to delete poorly done models that are too inaccurate for that goal.
  2. To reduce hosting costs, please compress your 3D models into a .zip file before uploading.
  3. If you're using a CAD program, export to .STEP instead of the native file type.
  4. Select the appropriate prefix for the filetype.
  5. Add any useful tags (manufacturer, form factor, etc.)
  6. If applicable, please add the URL to the official product page to the appropriate field.
  7. Have a 96x96 .jpg or .png of the model for the resource icon.
Also, any files uploaded in SketchUp format will be converted to .STEP to help those using CAD software.
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