Other NFC Systems: S4 Mini panel vectors 2017-02-13

Tracings of the bezel & top and bottom panel from the famous S4 Mini

  1. robbee
    These are vectors I've based on images provided by Josh from NFC Systems. They can eg. be used to laser cut custom covers. They should be precise up to ~0.2mm, but do note that these files are not tested. I cannot guarantee that they will actually fit 100%.

    Big thanks to @Ceros_X and @Josh | NFC for their help with tracing these files.

Recent Reviews

  1. Josh | NFC
    Josh | NFC
    Version: 2017-02-13
    These worked out great--Tested them with my friend's laser last week. The Bezel you might want to edit the amount of mounting holes or change the countersink diameter depending on what you want--but I am glad Robee left them that way so you can see where they go.