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DXF laserparts for 'My take on a SFF tower'

Other DXF laserparts for 'My take on a SFF tower' 2020-06-09

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These are the dxf files I used to order the laserparts for my build as described in this Thread: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/my-take-on-a-sff-tower.13391/
Well, not exactly - the skeleton parts have a few changes to reflect modifications I have done after I received my cutout.

The skeleton parts have to be 2mm thick
For the side panels, I used 1mm but you are free to deviate slightly.

Side panels have to be folded to cover one side and half of the front each.
Intended depth of the side panel after folding: 200mm - with 4mm space between panel and front of the skeleton case.
The parts dont include any way to attach the side panels. An easy way would be magnet blocks if the side panels are magnetic.
Not included is a mounting bracket for the GPU I/O. I used a 45mm cutoff from an Aluminum extrusion (L 20x10mm) and marked, drilled & threaded the needed holes.

To Build a case from this, you need:
21x (minimum) threaded construction blocks,12x12x12mm M3
~35x M3x6mm cylinder head screws, (rough cout)
~19x M3x6mm flat head screws, (rough cout)
1x PCIe riser cable (https://www.geeekstore.com/shop/180mm-pci-e-3-0-x16-riser-cable/)
1x 19mm power button
6x standoffs (standard 6-32 UNC)
6-32 screws to mount the GPU, MB & PSU

Display port: 0.3m extentions (bore pattern 26,5 -27,5mm)
ethernet: 0.3m extention (similar to: Amazon product)
handle: Cabinet handle wit 288mm bore pattern (M4)

UNC 6-32 tap
countersink drill bit
tools for separation & cleanup of the laser parts
saw & drill bits to create the GPU bracket
means of folding the side panels
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