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.STEP Custom front and top panels for FormD T1 v2 2022-10-02

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Front panel



The ventilated front panel is 15mm thicker than the original front panel (now 10.395L instead of 9.95L) to allow for two thin 92mm fans. The mounting of the fans is achieved by adding some squishy materials (e.g. 1-2mm thick thermal pad / thermal adhesive) between the two fans and then squeezing the fans into place. It should hold the fans quite firmly in the designated cutout without the need of screws.

Please note that some fans suffer from increased noise levels when the intake side is very close to a mesh (e.g. Noctua A9x14). In this case I used three layers of Noctua's included chromax rubber dampers to position them away from the front panel. It doesn't eliminate the increased noise but is enough to make them inaudible at up to 1000rpm.

The STEP file does not include the "Noir" engraving as shown in the photo.

Top panel


The photo shows a very specific slot positioning that aligns exactly with my radiator placement. In the STEP file, I added a slot towards the back of the panel for better compatibility and more symmetry.

Please note that the top panel is not designed for transportation, as the struts forming the slots are intentionally thin to maximize ventilation. They may break if you hit them hard.

Thermals in a dual-radiator setup

i7 12700K + 3080 Ti FE at 390W total (CPU and GPU power combined in software) by running Unigine Heave
Fans: 1170rpm for all radiator fans (2 x Noctua A12x25 for top 240mm radiator; 2 x Arctic P14 slim for side 280mm radiator); 930rpm for front intake fans (2 x Noctua A9x14; inaudible at this speed)

Temps after 30 mins:
Ambient: 24 °C; coolant: 44.5 °C; CPU: 57 °C; GPU: 61 °C.

The custom top and front panels contributed to 3 °C lower coolant (about 2 °C from the increased-ventilation top and 1 °C from the front panel), allowing me to drop fan speeds significantly for the top and side rad fans (it was 1590 and 1390rpm before) while retaining the coolant delta of 20.5 °C.
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