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Other Corsair short straight Terminal Block for XG7 Waterblock 2021-05-01

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The Corsair terminal design I used to create a straight low profile G1/4 terminal for my watercooled S4M.
I submitted it to be laser cut in 3 layers and then used JBWeld 4 to adhere the layers together.
The layer with the G1/4 terminal holes must also be tapped using a G1/4 tap (I used this one).

The G1/4 terminal layer should be 5.6mm and the other two can be thinner at 3mm.
I recommend purchasing extra spares of the G1/4 terminal as you may screw up the tapping like me.

These DXF files can be opened in Fusion or sent directly to a laser cutting service like Ponoko.

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