SFF Forum Status

SFF Forum is proud to be able to provide a fully-featured forum experience - free from the tyranny of ad networks - for all who browse it. In order to provide this, we fill the revenue gap left by the absence of interstitial advertising with Statuses, which are premium offerings that enable even more benefits for those who chip in a few dollars a month. While we've intentionally made sure that those with status do not have meaningfully more influence (in order to keep the full forum experience available to all), we do extend forum members with status a variety of benefits as our thanks for making SFF Forum possible and sustainable long-term.
Statuses currently span across three tiers, and they provide the following benefits:
SFF Bronze
  • Access to the Status-only subforum
  • Access to the live broadcast (and accompanying chat) and aftershows for all SFF Network and SFF Forum programs, on Discord
  • The ability to start threads in the Buy/Sell/Trade category and initiate transactions with the community - even if you later cancel your Status
  • A "Bronze Status" banner for your avatar
  • $2 a month, or $20 a year

SFF Silver
  • All Bronze Status benefits
  • Favicon new post notification functionality
  • Custom titles
  • Access to SFF Network's private IRC channel, which is integrated with our Minecraft server chat
  • A "Silver Status" banner for your avatar
  • $4 a month, or $40 a year

SFF Gold
  • All Bronze and Silver Status benefits
  • Access to SFF Network’s private Minecraft server
  • $8 a month, or $80 a year

We continue to iterate and add features to these tiers, and it is thanks to those with Status that we can not only enhance the premium SFF Forum experience, but the baseline experience as well (that everyone is able to enjoy).
As always, we will look to you all for feedback and thoughts as we continue to experiment and refine how we can best support the community!