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    My first itx build, 7.2L zsa4 case.

    the whole thing weighs around 5.6kg, but the case itself? its lighter than it looks! after all its all aluminum, i forgot to measure that when unboxing it haha. see the post below you. the case is around 110USD, and ADT cable cost extra 20USD, and it is very smart to buy custom cable as well...
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    DAN C4-SFX - old

    i have zsa4, basically danA4 clone, and it is real pleasure to use. now that i have seen the corsair one case, I wonder if any of that idea can be applied here: using negative/positive pressure to mount the fan elsewhere. basically, my idea is having a single 120/140 at the front so that you...
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    NFC Skyreach 4 Mini - "The Techoholic"

    how does the fan-color-change stay up? any noise? i know they are that color for reasons...... great build btw.
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    My first itx build, 7.2L zsa4 case.

    there is also matt black and red version, i believe they are aluminum extrusions. the surface is oxidized and sandblasted, the case took a month to make from placing the order and finalizing. you can choose any logo you want they will cut it out for you, that is why no pre-made case is in...
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    My first itx build, 7.2L zsa4 case.

    Hello, first time here, first post, be nice to me xD Spec: 2600 B350i Asus 3000c15 8x2G trident z RGB Rx570 2x1T Samsung 860evo corsair 450w sfx custom AIO (coolit E3 head+92mm custom radiator) (more like getto AIO but good enough) custom PCIE riser cable custom power cable for the PSU about...