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    Dynamo Mini 160 vs 200?

    Some of the Dynamo minis were shipped still in the HDplex 160 box. Mine did, and its a 200w unit. Ordered mine mid january.
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    Dynamo Mini - Ryzen 3 3300/GTX 1660 Ti

    I have a Dynamo Mini and dell 330w brick. I havent done a lot of testing but I doubt it will run at stock speeds like Kmpkt is saying. My setup atm: 2400G at stock speeds and with "turbo-boost" disabled in BIOS Zotac 1660 ti (set at 60% power limit in MSI afterburner and core clock/memory...
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    Help upgrading GPU

    Just skimmed through this youtube clip and it looks like the 4770k doesn't have a big problem running the RTX 2080 TI. Looking at ratings from PassMark - CPU benchmark: Your 6700T has about 88% of the Single...
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    Help upgrading GPU

    As you «only» have the HDplex 160 I would look into getting another DC-DC PSU. The HDplex 400w should fit nicely inside the S4 mini. Dell 330w and the HDplex 400 should be enough for a pretty decent system. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think that combo can run a 1070 ti/1080 maybe 1080ti with...
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    GTX 1660Ti launched - Potential new SFF Sweetspot

    The wait is over my man, Dynamo mini(200w) or you have gurys daemon(?) which goes from 200-500w I think. Got my dynamo mini 2-3 weeks ago, did a few tests with 2400g(stock speeds) and 1060 asus 3gb and it runs great! So ordered a zotac 1660 ti twin fan, gon be guud!
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    Custom Watercooling loop DAN case v3 / ITX gpu / HDPLEX 400W / R5 2600

    EDIT: Didnt notice you planned for a 120mm rad, so your setup should hopefully work as the case has a AIO bracket for 120mm rad according to the case site specs. But is a 120mm enough to cool a cpu and gpu? Original post: Wont the ram be in the way for...
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    MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC Wraith Stealth compatibility

    You can turn the fan around 180 degrees increments I think or the shroud around aswell so that the «tab» with the AMD text is turned up or down, so that it doesnt hit the vrm/ram modules. If your question is about AMD or MSI have done something «wrong» with the fitment, I dunno. Just tryin to...
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    MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC Wraith Stealth compatibility

    I have the B450i and a Noctua l9a-am4. This cooler is positioned «wrong» after looking the guide from NFC install guide of the l9i, but the l9a wont fit any other way. So maybe you should check out the l9i for Intel and buy the adapter instead, if that gets the heatsink in the right position...
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    Buying InWin Chopin

    sent kitty a PM, but no answer. I have bought a case already, so no need for me anymore =)
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    Buying InWin Chopin

    Anyone has a Chopin for sale?