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    Prototype Lazer3D ST8 - Slim Tower Case

    How strict is the new 105mm cpu cooler height? Because that's only 5mm away from the 110mm height of the NH D9L which would allow for taller ram and better cooling on boards like the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 which can't fit the lower profile coolers due to the chipset heatsink.
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    Prototype Lazer3D ST8 - Slim Tower Case

    I think that this is my new favorite case of the Lazer3D family.
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    Power Supply Meanwell NMS-240-12 Questions

    I was looking for a small 12V AC-DC unit and I found this interesting Meanwell unit on Mouser which is very slim with dimensions of 119*38*18mm. However it appears to be a part of some larger configurable power supply unit and I haven't been able to find out if it is usable as a standalone...
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    What games are you playing?

    Cortex Command ?
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    (Need Advice) Ryzen 3800X/3900X/3950X

    If you are already fine with the 8 cores of the 3800X then you should probably just get the 3700X and possibly try to overclock. You could also probably buy the 3800X and undervolt, but why not save $70 and buy the 65 watt part in the first place?
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    Chipset-less Mini-Itx Ryzen 3rd Gen Motherboard

    Interesting idea about a motherboard with no chipset from Buildzoid
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    The new site is essentially a modern piece of bloatware junk.

    I think that the 'old' forum was miles ahead of most other similar forums and the change in software was unnecessary. Currently I see no improvements in the core post system and the only new features that I've seen have been the discord integration and the ability to make tables (which is pretty...
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    Production Lazer3D LZ7 - Quiet Gaming Cube PC Case

    Slim 140? From Noctua? I know where that's going!
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    Phone thread

    I recently switched to a Sony Xperia XZ Premium from and Iphone 6 and it is so much faster and smoother to use, although I am still getting used to the Android Oreo. I really like it and the display is awesome, if overkill. I'm hopeful that I'll get the fingerprint reader to work, but I'm still...
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    PayPal not working for DAN A4 v3 preorder

    @PlayfulPhoenix @Wahaha360
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    Motherboard ASRock X370 Gaming-ITX/ac and AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac

    Can anyone check if the AB350 will work with only a 4pin cpu connector used?
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    Q&A on your SFF PC

    Case: Cryorig Taku GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini ITX OC How long have you been building PCs?: 1.5 years Why SFF?: Originally for travel, now for the challenge. Things you like about the case: It's a monitor stand and you can put your keyboard under it. Things you don't like about the case: It's...
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    Cooling Slimmest 240mm rad (like in the TD-02 Slim)

    The Silverstone rad is also Aluminum, keep that in mind.
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    Completed Custom_MOD MINI

    I ran the MSI RX560 over a (good) riser and performance was significantly decreased. It was struggling to run Minecraft at 480p 30 FPS. I plugged it in to the PCIe slot and it managed 1080p 60 FPS flawlessly.