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    DAN C4-SFX

    to came back to the topic subject , i just discovered this new Dan design, and i like it a lot. I was looking at the A4-H2O for my next build. But this one may be the one i was seeking for some time, and if you can fit a second 240 or 208 rad at the top when watercooling the gpu, 4 slot gpu is...
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    DAN C4-SFX

    Because most people won't want to spend money to update their hardware just for better efficiency (except if you can save significantly more money that the change will cost you) and they will keep i,t until it die. Then they will change it. Also there is still usage that need more compute...
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    DAN C4-SFX

    hello sorry but this is nothing new, since the time of the first ibm pc which was running on 200 watt power supply probably with no cooler on the cpu, computer cpu are getting more and more powerfull and are slow using more power and generate more heat, once 3d graphics cards started they...
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    CPU Why are all SFFPC cases nowadays mostly watercool / sandwich?

    Hello First sorry for the one year later response, and you allready have moved away from water-cooling, but it can be useful for others. You could simply have made your water-cooling maintenance free. I'm water-cooling computer since 18 years now, and usually i only flush my system every two...
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    Enclosure Need SFF case for travel that will fit my parts

    If not yet done, and if it's a one way trip with no return planed with the computer, simply unmount your configuration, pack properly your compenont and buy a new case once there to remount your configuration Or you can also consider the cerebrus x
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    Enclosure Switch case or not to switch case nr200p with xc3 3080

    To improve your gpu temp and so reduce the noise - change your side intake to exhaust - if not good enough look if you can do the gpu shroud removal mod with your graphics card (you will need to replace the slim bottom intake fan by standard high pressure fan.) like this :