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    Finally built up my Dans Case!

    Thanks! : The Dan's Case is sexy and small but -- maybe smaller than I need! CPU runs hot on Cinebench... Next build might be a bit roomier. Smaller than a Falcon NW Tiki, bigger than Dans Case is my thinking. Enough room for an AIO cooler.
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    Enclosure Dan A4 SFX

    What temp changes did you see post shroud?
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    Dan A4/Ryzen 3700x/Noctua cooler thermals: fan shroud? shorter run cable(s)?

    Printer a fan shroud to use, am going to cut down the screws and install it. Saw some discussion here: And some research says it should get me a couple of degrees. Will likely swap out 24 pin ATX cable for better airflow, and turn off...
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    Finally built up my Dans Case!

    Havent built a system in 9+ years, last had a Shuttle. Pandemic home project finally done! Dans Case A4 v2 (sat around for a while!), Gigabyte Aorus I Wifi Pro, Ryzen 3700x, RTX 3070, Corsair SF600 Gold. Couldnt use the Alpenfohn cooler with the NVME preinstalled cooler, so went Noctua.
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    CableMod DAN Case A4-SFX Cable Kits

    Just built up my Dans Case with the Corsair SF600 gold , Ryzen 3700x, 3070 and Gigabyte Aorus I Pro Wifi motherboard. Ziptie nightmare to get cables away from fan blades... so I'm thinking to order from Cablemod or pslatecustoms - leaning towards latter so I dont need to reopen case. Do I need...