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    New Build Problems, Anyone Know How To Fix This?

    So I built by first itx system about a 2 months ago and it has been running great until about a week ago when I noticed my gpu utilization was only reaching 50%, which was easily fixed by using ddu and reinstalling drivers. But now after 2-4 hours of running sometimes fps in some games will drop...
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    Raijintek Ophion (vented panels) review/build

    After seeing reviews of cases like the dan cases a4 and nfc s4 mini on linus's youtube channel I wanted to downsize my pc, now I've finally gotten around to doing it. I'm writing this review/build as a person who is new to sff so feel free to make any suggestions to improve the build. So first...
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    First itx build, ophion evo maybe?

    Hello I’ve been lurking for a while and researching how to get into sff on the cheap. First off here’s my current system specs: -r5 1600 -16gb ddr4 3200 -gigabyte Vega 64 oc I have been Looking at the ophion evo for a while now since it is on the cheaper side and has support for my current atx...
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    Production case SLM3 7.4L by Custom_MOD

    Nevermind I just read the description, you can fit 3 slot gpu without ssd.
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    Production case SLM3 7.4L by Custom_MOD

    It look like if you remove the ssd’s under the gpu it can accommodate a triple slot gpu, just wondering if this is actually an option.
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    7L ish case recommendations for a fairly thicc gpu?

    I’m gonna do some measurements on my gpu and see if a noctua fan swap will give me the extra 5 or so mm I need.
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    7L ish case recommendations for a fairly thicc gpu?

    Hey I’m looking at buying a case for my first itx build but I want to use my current gpu; gigabyte Vega 64 oc. Preferably something I could fit in a backpack easily, I don’t really have a preference of sandwich vs console style. But I can’t really spend that much on it so I’m looking at around...
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    Production case SX1 6.8L / SX2 7.5L by Custom_MOD

    Does a 53mm thick gpu fit in the sx 7.1l?
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    Horizontal case recommendations for a hifi-rack

    The silverstone ml07 looks kinda like what you’re look for, silverstone has some other similar cases that might be worth a look too. Of course there’s always the fractal node 202 or dr zaber’s Sentry case that are similar to that as well.
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    AIR cooled, Wall Mounted, behind LG C9 OLED TV, Nvidia GPU R5-3600cpu build questions

    i’d Take a look at the hdplex h5 case, it’s semi passive cooled and has support for full height itx gpus: Or maybe the streacom fc-5 alpha which is pretty similar to the hdplex but thinner...
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    Can the RGeek L80 case hold an Geforce GTX1050 mini?

    That case doesn’t have any gpu slots, unless you’re planning to mod it I don’t think it will fit. May be worth looking at a case like the geeek a30 or the Velka 3 Good luck.
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    First SFF-build - need input before Final purchase

    Some cases also have the mounting for slim fans over the gpu that may be an easier solution if it has them...
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    First SFF-build - need input before Final purchase

    sorry, I don’t live in the eu so I can’t make good recommendations for where you should buy a gpu. I’d say look on Newegg but idk if you have that in Europe...
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    First SFF-build - need input before Final purchase

    I’m not sure what you mean by “BD” drive? But as for the gpu in the mlo8 it has good enough ventilation to accommodate a partner card, which on sale can be found for around the same price as reference models. The c7 should be plenty good to cool the 3600, you won’t be doing any overclocking...
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    Enclosure Can't exactly find the case that fits my specifications, hoping you guys can help

    cases with windowed side panels at that size are going to be rare, but the geeek a30 has clear acrylic side panels And flex atx. The Velka 3 may also be worth a look, it doesn’t have windowed side panels but it’s pretty similar to...