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    Closed SOLD: Complete S4 Mini Classic (not parting out)

    Thank you, I am certainly trying!
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    Closed SOLD: Complete S4 Mini Classic (not parting out)

    SOLD Hi all, With a baby on the way, I'm looking to free up some resources. Below are the specs of my rig. I purchased the parts and built the computer myself in October 2017. I had the side panels professionally powder coated "Midnight Blue" by Prismatic Powders. The unused 2.5" drive carrier...
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    NFC S4 Mini #083 - Safety Orange

    Curious about DPDK. What real-world applications have you seen DPDK used? I see that it can do speedy raw packet processing, but what environments have/can benefit from it?
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    Computer sold!

    Computer sold!
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    My modded iPad display.

    Love this! I have a couple iPads sitting around. Would love to pair with my S4 mini for travel
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    SFF Media Server

    My SFF NAS fits in a Lian Li Q25B case (20.4 liters). Has an ITX coffee lake board, i3-8100 cpu, a Corsair SFF power supply, and 5x 8TB drives in the hotswap bays. Could it be smaller? Sure, but 3.5” drives are still the best bang for buck when it comes to mass storage.
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    Computer sold!

    Computer sold!
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    Airflow for custom build in Xbox One?

    Have you run across this build?
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    Looking at a property that needs a new roof... Should I Tesla roof?

    Sorry! I didn’t mean to impose.
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    NFC S4 Mini - 8700k / 1080

    Love how it looks in the rack!
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    That’s my build. I had it powder coated at my local shop. The powder is midnight blue wrinkle by Prismatic Powders. If you want to see more, go here. Find a local powder coat shop! It would probably be less expensive and...