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    Dan A4 Compatible Radeon RX 5700 cards

    @Xavi3R, I seem to hover around 70-75c when I go on long stints of gaming. Usually at 1440p pushing 110+ fps. Card is usually pegged at max. I've also flashed the Red Dragon 5700XT Bios on it so it pulls the full 230 watts. Runs just fine with the conservative fan curve from factory. I think my...
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    Blower vs open air GPU with 645LT on CPU?

    I have an R5 3600 and a PowerColor Red Dragon 5700 flashed with the XT bios and temps stay pretty neutral imo. Even with the 5700 running full tilt it only hits 75c with a max fan speed of 2500 and I haven't even undervolted yet. It can get kind of loud but even with all that heat my CPU temps...
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    Dan A4 Compatible Radeon RX 5700 cards

    I have a Red Dragon 5700 in my A4 and it fits fine. I think plugging in the power cables first before you set the card in is the way to go. I did not find it terribly tight at all, but it was definitely tighter than my old 970 FTW+. If you look close on my second pic it does seem to push the...