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    Best 1650/1650 super to deshroud

    Just look for something with a zero RPM fan mode so you know you will have good fan control
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    Dynamo 360 Availability?

    J Hack Distro is the only other similar product I know of: Combine with a Meanwell 400w 12v unit
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    Motherboard Asrock B550 Phantom Gaming ITX/AX

    Wow those are awesome! Silverstone continues to be one of my very favorite computer companies.
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    Motherboard Asrock B550 Phantom Gaming ITX/AX

    Why wouldn't this be compatible with 3400g/3200g?
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    Prototype MT4-S - compact 4.3 liter desktop case

    Looks great! Glad you have kept working on this! How much "height" is available in the flexatx psu mounting area for AC/DC PSU?
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    I know it's not "sexy" but 3M double sided tape is more than enough to hold the HDPlex (or in my case, Meanwell) in place. Holds up to heat fine, is easy to remove if need be, more than strong enough for anything you throw at the case ;)
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    3900X in Geeek A31 V2

    I think it looks great, surprised your temperatures are so bad at idle?? The Geeek A31 is probably my favorite mini sandwich case at the moment. The slightly wider design to fit 92mm fans seems like a good idea.
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    Accessory Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    Honest question - why is it so expensive? The refresh rate??
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    Yeah that retention clip on 24 pin connectors is useless, it just makes it even harder to plug the connector in. That thing isn't going anywhere even without the clip. The setup with the G-Unique in place of a case fan is absolute perfection IMO. Don't get my wrong, I'm very happy with the...
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    New GPU hybrid with radiator in PCIe by Asetek

    Do you have a product page or some other info? Can't gleam too much from that one Imgur photo, but I like the concept!
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    A wild ATX12VO motherboard appears

    Thanks - this is the breakdown I was looking for. I'm really surprised by the power draw of fans and USB ports. I suppose most won't use them all at full draw simultaneously, but a specification must account for it. After all, my 65W CPU (2400g), 75W GPU (GTX 1650), SSD, a couple fans, and a few...
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    Thanks for all that info - I hadn't heard of the 15m SilenX fan, and I thought I'd done exhaustive searches for 80x15mm fans! I'm not happy with either the Coolermaster or Noiseblocker 80x15 fan so I may pick up a set of these, although the ASUS 1650 LP seems to do pretty well on it's own...
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    Keyboard suggestions? 65% Wireless?

    Budget mechanical: Available on Amazon:
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    Production Lazer3D HT5 - Low Profile APU Case

    For 80x15 you basically have two choices - Noiseblocker 4 pin PWM and Coolermaster 3 pin. I've found the Coolermaster to be slightly quieter. It also measures about a half milimeter thicker than the Noiseblocker, closer to 16mm. The Coolermaster is much cheaper.