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    News Giveaway of TWO 8700k GTX 1080 TI Water Cooled Gaming PCs

    I'm in) good luck to everyone!
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    SFF Lenovo desktop graphics upgrade

    To fit 1060 is not a big deal (but the cooling wouldn't be great). The problem, that I don't know how to do a custom PSU from DC-In (I've seen some examples here, how somebody doing it in S4 cases). However, ready-to-use SFX PSU costs a lot...
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    SFF Lenovo desktop graphics upgrade

    I've bought Lenovo M73 with an i5-4670 and 8gb RAM (which cost cost me only 140$). So, now I want to put inside some graphics to able to play games in 1080p. The PSU is 240W. Could you guys help me with the choice, the options are: -to buy GTX 1050ti 4GB Low Profile -to buy GTX 1060 6GB mini...