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    Prototype 8.4L Case with 240mm AIO and Dual Slot GPU Support

    It looks like there would be a lot of positive pressure with the config pictured, GPU and AIO sucking in air. How do you plan on venting that? I would suggest vents both top and bottom along with small feet to allow air flow underneath.
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    Stalled [Update: 22-02-2021 - V1.1 Revised internals] LytCase Rogue: 8.9L Sandwich style case with 240mm AIO support.

    I really like the look of this case! I'm currently rocking a Ghost S1 with a top hat to hold a 240 mil AIO but I'm not sold on the aesthetics of the top hat system so this layout is exactly perfect. Looks a bit thinner as well, which is great when you don't require air cooler clearance. +1 for...