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    Closed [EU-ES] POWERCOLOR AMD RX 6800 2-slot

    Maybe check your facts before accusing somebody of scalping? And while I'm actually reselling this at cost, last I checked, sellers were free to set the selling price for their own property as they please.
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    Closed [EU-ES] POWERCOLOR AMD RX 6800 2-slot

    Brand new in box with invoice and warranty. Selling as I got a 3080 as well and one has to go. €725. Posting anywhere in the EU. Pictures on google drive
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    Radeon 6800XT/6800 2-slot mods

    Hi, as many SFF cases only allow up to 2 slot GPUs I was wondering if it would be possible to swap a 6800 cooler onto an XT card. The card would likely run a little hotter but that could potentially be offset with a more aggressive fan curve (noise), deshroud, undervolt or combination thereof...