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    S4MAX: Brickless S4M w/ 3080 FE and R9 5950x - 800W, 5l, water cooled

    excellent job modifying the psu, changing ps_on and 5vsb is something that would not have occurred to me (I would have looked for some circuit to turn it on sequentially?) It is a good data for future compilations with multiple psu or a system with batteries as ups
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    Log ORODRUIN: 5L Brickless workstation Skyreach S4 Mini - Ryzen 3950x - 2070 Super Mini - 64gb RAM

    It is easier when one can read without stopping, I do not like this to wait ? translated on Google ??
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    Discussion Will it smoke? 2x RPS-200, 1= picoPSU 1= GPU

    negative (black) wires have to be connected together for "interference", ground wires (green with yellow) go over metal parts of cabinet or psu so you can use a low power picopsu, it does not need so much because the sources give maximum 50W in the 24 atx pins gpu and cpu have their own 12v...
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    Production Ultra Slim Fans, Capacitive Touch Buttons for PCs

    I thought it was going to be published in English but the browser published it in Spanish and I don't know how to change the comment, sorry ?
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    Production Ultra Slim Fans, Capacitive Touch Buttons for PCs

    Normalmente solo veo pero no comento nada, las fuentes de la PC tienen 5vsb que funcionan incluso con la PC apagada, si pones un molex 20 atx, podría usarse y usarse en todas las PC, y uso el traductor goolge, saludos de Argentina ??
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    GPU Li-Heat riser pci-e x16

    the link is broken