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    Why are ITX cases so damn big?

    Nice build, but the linky to the Imgur album is broken? Hey thanks for that, definitely worth looking into. I'll see if I can smallify it even further to match my failed biscuit tin project.
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    I think I found a little gem: Realan E-i7

    Looks very nice. The Imgur album is gone, is it possible to restore the link? I'd really like to look more closely at how that GPU fits in there.
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    Why are ITX cases so damn big?

    Hey guys, lots of amazing responses, thanks for the welcome and all your suggestions. I'll try to take it from the top: Definitely small, and thanks for letting me know. Zero availability here though - not on Amazon UK or eBay or any of the various classified or PC suppliers here. Mmm, I...
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    Why are ITX cases so damn big?

    Hiya, new member here, though been reading the forums a while so please be gentle. This is a bit of a rant so make yourself a cup of tea and settle in. I used to build ATX boxes many years ago, and even then they were mostly just full of empty air. Fast forward a decade or two, during which...