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    My first itx build, 7.2L zsa4 case.

    where did you get those sata data cables from?
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    Geeek - A50 - Review/Buildlog/Mods

    @devinkato hi was wondering if you had any issues with the psu bracket with your PSU? did you have to mod it or mounted it in reverse? reason I ask is the bracket is hitting the power switch near the power connector when I am trying to mount it
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    DAN A4-SFX

    @dondan Until when is the V3 pre-order? Or will it last until around May 16?
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    Closed Selling Dan-A4 black case

    you still have this case?
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    Buying Dan Case A4-SFX

    Did you check this guys thread
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    Production WH-nano:5.59L Balanced SFF case

    Hi maybe you can use shopify? I know a few people from China using it to sell internationally Maybe you can get in touch with the guy who owns he is in China and is selling mechanical keyboard stuff internationally