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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    Love this case, one probably dumb question however. On the off chance a future batch uses a ventilated, non-mesh panel -would you think they'd be modular additions to this first batch in place of the mesh?
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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    Would you potentially offer an upgrade to change the mesh to a vented side panel? Something clean about uniformity all the way around.
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    Offering Custom Colors For OSMI Cases

    If I were you I'd just look at the basics like a version of matte and glossy for the regular black and white as well as a clear/satin finish to give it that Surface/Apple kinda anodized look. I think that's what they do for the Ghost S1? They mention glass blasted for the white model... I myself...
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    Production J-HACK PURE XL - 6.5L

    Definitely interested, you end up deciding on how the exterior hdplex mounting is gonna look?
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    Production J-HACK PURE XL - 6.5L

    What's the CPU cooler clearance when not using an sfx power supply?
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    DAN A4-SFX

    Probably a dumb question, but do you have any plans on doing a sort of design refresh sometime in the far off future? The C4 you're working on really nails the design for me, never been overtly fond of the brushed metallics or curvature -mind you I understand why it was done working with Lian-Li.
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    Stalled Ultra small cnc-milled itx case

    Love the way it looks, will say though that I'm having a hard time picturing the parts in there. The renders shown are just for the igpu version no?
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    Black OSMI rev. 2 build

    You mentioned it gets a bit toasty, what you had posted previously didn't seem too bad -what are your load temps nowadays?
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    Production MJOLNIR: The minimalistic – but not boring – 9.7L Case

    Agree with having a tempered glass omitted version. Love the simple design language with the covers and the front, but not a fan of the tribal tattoo style they chose for the venting. Laid back vented metal sides would go a long way for making it appear more professional and usable in all...