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    Completed The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    Just arrived! Photos cannot do this thing justice. Thank you for all your hard work Fire!
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    SFF.Network M-ATX's Slow Decline Continues - EVGA Launches their Z370 Micro-ATX Motherboard

    The lone PCI-E slot right next to the "SLI Ready" badge cracks me up way more than it should. Bifurcation confirmed? :p
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    The space inefficiency thread

    What a fun mod idea!
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    Rumor i7-9700K to have 8 cores and 16 threads

    A few interesting tidbits I noticed from the supposedly leaked information: The 9700 and 9700T appear to be absent. Locked/low-power chips might be disappearing form the i7 lineup. This is the first mention of the 8700T I've seen. Perhaps it'll launch alongside Coffee Lake-S? In any case, 2018...
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    Giveaway of TWO 8700k GTX 1080 TI Water Cooled Gaming PCs

    Here's hoping! Good luck to all the entrants :)
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    The lab is open: Introducing SFFLAB, an international marketplace by and for enthusiasts

    I don't know what's more exciting; this mysterious announcement, or the addition of even more ribbons on Phoenix's profile :p All jokes aside, good luck @SFFLAB!
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    Closed Closed

    Any chance you'd be willing to part with just the case? I already have the MSI card.
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    Sentry with Vega 64 LE

    Nice work! Your whole setup looks very cohesive. The cables/keycaps are an especially nice touch. Any idea what sort of temps you're getting? As an aside, I'm really glad these finally got shipped out to all the backers. I love seeing all the builds people are doing with it.
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    Cooling Noctua NH-L12S

    I can't speak for it personally, but John used it in the Asrock X299E-ITX review with a 7800X (140W). Thermal results can be found here. I'd be on the look out for a full review soon!
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    Enclosure 2.7L Fanless STX case from Akasa (Galileo ST)

    Product Page Fanless + STX. Now that's what I call niche! Anyways, I've been waiting a while for this one. Some quick info: Comes in two flavors. A-STX05-A1B and A-STX05-M1B. No idea what the difference is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Akasa only lists Intel's "T" SKUs in the CPU compatibility table. From this...
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    Announcement SFF Forum Giveaway: Win an ASRock Fatal1ty X370-Gaming ITX/AC, or a surprise swag package!

    I'd recommend it! It's a great cooler. The only reason I switched it out was because my motherboard had compatibility issues with it. As a result I had to mount it "incorrectly", and the heat-pipes were making slight contact with the innermost DIMM.
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    Announcement SFF Forum Giveaway: Win an ASRock Fatal1ty X370-Gaming ITX/AC, or a surprise swag package!

    Currently have a Silverstone RVZ02 stuffed with a: - 6700k - Cryorig C7 (used to be an AR06) - ASUS Maximus VIII Impact (Yes, I'm sorry and I do regret it.) - MSI 980 Ti - 2x SanDisk Ultra II 960GB - 16 GB (2 x 8) HyperX DDR4-2133 kit - SX500-LG But 12L? Ha! We can go smaller! Next build...
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    Announcement SFF Network Swag Store is Live!

    I've never felt more fashionable! Thanks for putting this together SFFN team ♥