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    Concept FormD T1 EVO (aka T1 V2.0 and P1)

    It's a shame there won't be volume production any time soon, I was hoping that the success of these cases could someday make them more affordable and available to the general public. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see what Wahaha360 has envisioned for his EVO and T1 V1.2 designs, the T1 is so...
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    Prototype Horizontal Case Concept

    Thanks for the reply @Colinreay, this is very impressive work for someone who's still in college, hats off to you. Having the case fan working as if it was a part of the CPU heatsink is pretty clever. I can imagine that system also working nicely with smaller heatsinks pulling air into the CPU...
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    Prototype Horizontal Case Concept

    I'm also guilty of uttering another 'beautiful' after seeing the embebed pictures. Congrats on your achievement. With that frontal wooden panel the case really resembles a piece of furniture. Of the two orientations I like the vertical one better (I have a horrible bias towards elongated...
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    Concept MK2 - 9L Inverted Tower

    Great job! This is a very elegant and good looking case, thanks for sharing your results and thoughts here. For what this feedback might be of any worth, I'd definitely consider buying this case (should you consider production) if the cost was affordable and there was an option for a different...
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    Funding CASEKRAKEN FLIP H1 - Cheapest stand

    Quick feedback: 1. Does the logo cutout benefit the functionality of the frame in any way? I've been trying to wrap my head around it but I can see how it could serve a purpose beyond branding. If I'm not mistaken in my ignorance then I'd suggest dropping it, it takes away from the elegance and...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Totally agree, very interesting color iterations. The two tone on black mesh looks nice, a bit edgy for my personal taste but I think it will appeal to many. Of the two, I like the Gunmetal Gray on Black Mesh better as it's more subtle, and I can't wait to see the ultimate transformation of the...
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    Concept IN 0 - An extreme pure vertical ITX case (Production almost complete)

    Nice job! The aluminium structure looks great. Should you go ahead with the production, do you think it could be viable to produce more shells made of different materials to give the potential customer more customization choices and possibly lower the overall cost of the case? All the best...
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    Concept Litecase - 13.4L Vertical ITX Case Coming Soon from Artesian Builds

    Have you considered producing also a smaller version of this idea for 2-slot graphics cards and 70mm cpu coolers? Good job with the design and best of lucks with the project.
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    Prototype The world most flexible SFF case? LOUQE Ghost S1

    So, 3-4 or more years after their first cancelled kickstarter campaign Louqe says they will finally be producing the product they were going to produce back then, and... they won't support the NH-L12S because it makes much more sense to partner with Noctua and produce a custom L12... Honestly...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Dude, wtf. Would you risk the health of delivery workers just to build a computer? Are you nuts? If your country is in lockdown you shouldn't even consider picking it up, mostly because it's illegal (as you stated), a health hazard, and disrespectful to everyone who could have to go through a...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    My two cents in case it helps: I voted for fformadesign, although I concur with other people and have to say that the double 'f' is redundant and would recommend dropping it. Since 'forma' is a latin word which is currently in use in different modern languages, writing 'fforma' could be...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Am I the only one who reads SAD as "sad"? Sad Works gave me the impression of an emo manufacturer's guild of sorts, which if it were true it'd be the best branding ever. Jokes aside, why not tying the name to how you approach your designs or even other design concepts applied to the T1? There's...
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    Prototype My sandwich style case out MDF (8,5L)

    Impressive accomplishment considering the first sketches. It's looking pretty good. I wonder if lifting the case a few cm from the table and perforating the front panel would make a big difference in thermals once the case is sealed. Since it's currently made of wood, has it crossed your mind...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Thanks for the reply and information. I agree that performance should come first, I just had hastily assumed that a silver mesh for the two tone was easier to produce than the black one, my bad. Still looking great nonetheless.