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    Cooling Multiple NF-A9X14 PWM Fan versions

    From personal experience, I can assure you that Noctua's support is one of the best and with a proof of purchase they would even replace for free the original part (fan in your case) easily. They have even replied to all of my technical questions with "internal" info that few other manufacturers...
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    Measures of the tubing pass-throughs of M1?

    Man this is a very detailed analysis! I hope you will make it and I am really curious about any new findings. All the best!
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    Measures of the tubing pass-throughs of M1?

    I had the same thought about Watercool's Heatkiller Tube D5 combo on the outside rear of M1 recently... 😀 Did you end up into some conclusion about it? Do you think it could fit? Other alternatives based on your investigation?
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Will there be any exchangeable parts that will be backwards compatible with the v5? That would be really useful for the side panels in case they offer a bigger openings area for better airflow. My impression is not, but just to make sure..
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    First ITX build: NCASE M1 v5 with Ryzen 7 1700 and enhanced Noctua C14

    Hello friends, First of all I have to make a confession: I have been infected by the SFF bug around September 2017 after looking for a new small PC, initially laptop, and accidentaly reading reviews for SFF cases in various sites and especially after discovering NCASE M1 at hardforum and SFF...
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    Hello friends of the SFF community! I am an Electrical Engineer working as a Solution Architect for Ericsson's telecommunications equipment and specifically for the Radio Access Network, for many many years now. I am happy to share my experiences and questions with you. I will publish the...