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    Any available custom single sleeved cables for Dan Case / Corsair sf600?

    Hey boys, I’m finished ordering almost all parts for my Dan V4.1 build but I’m having trouble locating any custom cables since the pslate cables are sold out. Are there any other recommendations that are actually in stock anywhere? I’m using the Asetek 645LT AIO so it’s going to be tight and am...
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    First SSF build. Dan Case w/ 1080 TI and some re-used parts from old build. NEED HELP!!

    Hey guys I've been wanting to dive into the SFF arena for a while. Couldnt figure out what case I wanted to go with but I decided on the Dan A4 v4.1. I have some parts that I will be bringing over from my previous system. Re-used parts: GFX Card: Gigabyte 1080 T.I. Gaming OC (3 fan card)...