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    Cooling hot Ryzen 3700x with Noctua l9a-AM

    Thank you very much. Yeah sure as soon as I'm finished improving the wiring will try will prime95 with closed case and 3d-printed fan duct, and post results here. Still wondering if a repaste could improve things however.
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    Cooling hot Ryzen 3700x with Noctua l9a-AM

    Hello! I have just finished my build, with a Dan A4 v4 case and Asus Rog Strix X470-i mobo, but I'm currently testing temperatures with open case. I ran a benchmark on Linux and the temperature reached quickly 80-81c, in a couple of minutes with the fan spinning at almost 2500rpm. Is this...
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    The best set of case fans for DAN A4-SFX

    I am planning a build with A4-sfx and I think I will follow your suggestion of A9 + A9x14 for case ventilation. The GPU will be a 2080 ti FE, do you recommend to place case fans in exhaust mode? Thanks!