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    CPU 5800x3D

    well i ended up with a -0.08v offset, cinebench r23 MC is running at 14100, 4.1ghz all core clock, 90-100w of power consumption. Gigabyte b550i was a no go, voltage offset didnt work, it was greyout in BIOS, curb optimizer was hidden. hopefully stuff like this will push all the mobo vendors to...
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    CPU 5800x3D

    picked up a 5800x3d today. it was in stock when i went to pick up some thermal compound so i kind of bought it on a whim. I put it in a ASUS Crossfire Impact board sitting on a open bench and updated the BIOS, everything works at stock no problem. (AMD is amazing that a 3d chiplet CPU...
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    CPU Low Profile (46 to 65mm) Air Cooler Ideas

    +1 blackridge, i think its the current cooler for alot of people so would love to see it included as a comparison point of how much will my system improve if i get a new cooler.
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    Power Supply SFX PSU solid with sleeved cables?

    my niche dream would be a PSU that could support a 500-600w max load but have a ton of headroom so the fans never spin up. With a 3080 and 5800x I feel the sf750 fan does spin up from time to time. Cabling wise whatever is fine as long as its modular, vented or mesh panels make it hard to tell...
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    GPU 3080Ti Asus TUF shroud mod (need Technical Drawings). NCase M1

    everything that Gotmachine said plus there is a debate on intake or exhaust of the fans once they get de-shroded. In my m1 with a 5600x and 3080, it was CPU AIO intake, GPU fans exhaust. I suspect the AIO wasnt getting too hot so the air sucked in was still cool and the 2 120MM Noctua fans...
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    Power Supply Build review (K39, Geeek 600w modular PSU - ENP 7660B)

    350w peak load? 1070 (180w) + 3600 (88w) is 270w? 350w is kinda high no? Only knit picking becasue i have my 500w fsp flex atx noctua fan on a 3 pin PWM header and run it at 2500rpm for best balance of noise and PSU cooling. Saw you run the fan faster so was wondering what the rest of your...
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    Motherboard Z690 ITX Motherboards

    i read somewhere that wall power draw of DDR4 in a Alderlake sysytem can be like 50w lower in some cases. Cant find the source now but if true would be another reason to stay on ddr4 for Alderalke and Raptorlake.
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    CPU SM550, Wraith Stealth and Ryzen 5900X - how to solve it properly?

    i like your balls of using a 65w free cooler to cool a 144w chip in a SFF case. My only help is eco mode is just 3 PBO settings. If you try 65w and its still not working, feel free to go down to 45w and give it a try. Also if your not undervolting, you should give it a good -20 or -25 offset...
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    RTX 3060Ti Aero alternative? Meet the DIY PALIT StormX 3060Ti ITX Edition

    wow this is so cool. looks like basically the same cooling/gpu clocks as the MSI 3060ti. Can you push the card past 200w board power? also since i didnt see a backplate on the card i am sure you wont have a problem with the fan hitting the side of a 2 slot 5 liter sandwich case
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    nice, did it hit the sides of the Forumula?
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    From what i can tell, 0RPM mode wasn't on the 2060 and 2070 cards from MSI either. It stopped with the 10 series. If you do contact them please tell them some of us undervolt and could make good use of it in a future bios update!
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    Awesome review, I went the other route and undervolted the hell out of the card and got 700mv, 1500mhz core clock at 120watt power draw. That keeps noise levels nice and low and I don't mind the 10% drop in performance. Also question about this: The good news is that at idle, both cards can...
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    "only" had to pay 200 dollars more than FE MSRP. It such a unicorn since only MSI makes it I just bit the bullet and bought it on the spot. Video is nice, I built it completely opposite, PSU first, Mobo, and vid card at the end. And then closed the entire thing by attaching the front panel U...
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    I just got a 3060ti and can confirm fan blades hit on the k39v2. any thoughts on a solution? standoffs on the screws?
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    Motherboard Choosing an ITX AM4 motherboard - help pls)

    i have been the using the gigabyte b550i since launch day. Its a meh board. it gets the job done for everything I do but the price is high as you already know. The most annoying part of owning the board is the BIOS is quite sparse compared to the ASUS x570i I had before. I mean i have a 4L...