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    Seeking Advice re Ncase M1 Watercooling 'Hat Mod'

    A 240 at the bottom, a 120 on the side and your pump/res combo at the front would suffice for the type of CPU/GPU combos you're likely to run (barring overclocked Intel HEDT / Xeon). The LT pump could run two rads, but you'd want gently bending tubes and as few 90 degree bends as possible, the...
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    Seeking Advice re Ncase M1 Watercooling 'Hat Mod'

    I know exactly what you mean there! I have a couple myself and I'd be sure to include them in any future build. The 'least effort' usage I can see would be taller feet and mounting them underneath, using the space below the graphics card for a decent thickness radiator. Adding the lower skirt...
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    Seeking Advice re Ncase M1 Watercooling 'Hat Mod'

    Rotating the CPU waterblock 180 degrees would make the tube routing much simpler. Routing the 2x 8 pin connectors for the GPU is going to be tricky with the tube routing shown. They take up more space than you might think and the 45 degree connectors there will do their best to be right in your...
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    My new Ncase M1 build - see it here!

    Great build pictures! I'm amazed there's so little space for the front panel connector, were you nervous about fitment when assembling it?
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Vaux... there'll be plenty of lurkers here who, like me, bother to read the original post and updates and see that all reasonable questions have actually been answered. In my case, there's someone in my country who posted just before I could and meets all the conditions. I've submitted my...
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    Could there be a "Blank no-I/O face plate" only option?

    Mini ITX boards with support for the latest USB standard on the front panel are scarce The cables are (relatively) large and with some larger graphics cards need to be removed to ensure everything fits The USB cable is expensive to manufacture (per Gamers' Nexus video) Many of us don't use the...